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学生们走过澳门新葡京官网学校的入口, a private school in Long Island, New York

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GVS家长兼作家Neha Bajaj在自闭症接受月向学生发表讲话

In honor of Autism Acceptance Month, GVS低年级的学生接受了Neha Bajaj的特别演讲, a GVS parent (Nate, 2nd Grade) and author of Noah's Intense Day. The occasion was not just about sharing a story; it was a celebration of neurodiversity, individuality, 营造更具包容性的环境.


Bajaj began her presentation by explaining the process behind her heartwarming book as she guided students through the ins and outs of writing, revising, and illustrating, 所有这些都为诺亚的世界带来了生机. 深入她自己的作家之旅, 巴贾吉透露了一个秘密:她是一个狂热的读者, 就像她之前的许多学生一样.

As Bajaj read Noah's Intense Day aloud, she painted a vivid picture of some of the challenges faced by individuals with autism. Through Noah's eyes, 学生们开始明白了充满感官负荷的新葡京官网, social complexities, 以及影响他日常新葡京官网的深刻情感. Bajaj explained how Noah's story isn't just about autism; it's about understanding and embracing differences, 在我们的社区中培养同理心.

故事的核心是诺亚的自我发现之旅. 当他在强烈的情感和感官体验中航行时, 他学会了欣赏他和他的兄弟之间独特的纽带, Shaun, who faces similar difficulties. Through their connection, 读者见证了接受的力量, compassion, and the unwavering support of family.



哈里斯剧院充满了对二年级演出的期待 Rainbow Crow—a Lenape Native American legend that tells the story of a crow with brilliantly colored feathers who sacrifices his beauty to bring warmth and light back to his freezing, darkened world. 

Directed by music teacher Jess Beja and supported by the creative talents of art teacher Brigid Coffey and music director Kayla Sorenson, 这是一场神奇的自然之旅.

Head of School Dr. 杰西·多尔蒂用鼓励的话语定下了基调, praising the students' collaborative spirit and their dedication to portraying characters with finesse. 当年轻演员们各就各位时, their faces lit up with smiles and their enthusiasm was palpable in the waves exchanged with the audience.

科菲娴熟的布景设计将观众带入了大自然的中心, 为这个传奇故事奠定了完美的背景. 伴随着索伦森的钢琴天赋, 学生们打扮成故事中的生物,兴致勃勃地唱着歌, 用抓住故事精髓的旋律填满剧院. 

From playful Mice to Sky Spirits crowned with rays of sunshine to Crows adorned with rainbow-feather boas, 每个孩子都体现了他们的性格,并带着骄傲和自信讲述了他们的台词. Through the crow's journey, the themes of selflessness, sacrifice, 社区和环境的重要性引起了深刻的共鸣, 给所有观众留下了深刻的印象.

随着《新葡京官网》的最后一个音符逐渐消失在雷鸣般的掌声中, 这清楚地证明了学生们的努力和奉献精神. 

Additional thanks goes to Head of Lower School Heather Wagner; our 2nd Grade team: Lisa Del Prete, Christina Gong, Takesha Graham, and Helen Yu-Holguin; our technology extraordinaire Danielle Maggi; the music and art departments; photographer and videographer Chloe Johnson; and all of the enthusiastic attendees in the audience.


GVS parent William Deng spoke to Upper School students about his role as Head of Corporate Strategy at the National Football League (NFL), offering a captivating glimpse into the inner workings of the renowned sports organization. 

Deng, 马歇尔(学前班)和怀亚特(二年级)的父亲, kicked off his presentation with an exclusive peek into a video produced annually by NFL Films, taking students on a journey through the exhilarating highlights of this past football season. 当屏幕上展示比赛实况时,学生们都坐到了座位的边缘, 一路走来收获了一些明显的“哦”和“啊”.

Delving deeper, 邓分享了他对NFL精英世界的见解, explaining the rigorous process of actually securing a spot on an NFL roster as a player, a feat achieved by 0.005% of hopefuls. With a touch of humor, he quipped, "If you ever aspire to join the NFL, 走我的路可能是最简单的路线."

但邓的道路并非没有曲折, 把他的旅程比作谢丽尔·克罗的《澳门新葡京官网》." Prior to assuming his current role in 2023, Deng spent eight years in the NFL’s Media Strategy & 业务开发组,领导各种媒体合作. With a background in finance and strategy from esteemed institutions such as Goldman Sachs, Interbrand, and The Clinton Foundation, Deng holds a B.S. in Economics from The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from the MIT Sloan School of Management.

Diving into riveting statistics, 邓揭示了足球是美国人最喜欢的运动, 俘获了70%人口的心, with NFL programming ranking 93rd among the top 100 programs—and continuing to grow globally. Also on the rise, is the NFL's Flag Football League, now a part of the LA Olympics in 2028.

突出了NFL每年200亿美元的媒体收入, ticket sales, events, merchandise, and sponsorships, Deng offered students a glimpse into the multitude of career opportunities within the NFL, spanning strategy, content production, legal, and beyond.

专注于他作为企业战略主管的角色, Deng simplified the term “strategy,” defining it as setting a goal, 然后制定一个计划来实现这个目标. 他的具体职责包括确定趋势, 围绕长期增长潜力设定目标, 确保每个人都能完成任务,一起工作. 从提高游戏安全性和兴奋性到吸引下一代粉丝, 邓的战略眼光涵盖了NFL运营的方方面面.

In closing, 邓在人际关系的力量方面给了我宝贵的建议, resilience, and self-discovery, 鼓励学生把失败当作通往成功的垫脚石. “Always listen, work hard, learn your strengths, and don't be afraid to fail and try again.”

As his words lingered in the air, students departed with newfound inspiration and a deeper understanding of the NFL's inner workings.



The gym seemed to come alive, as books of every shape, size, and genre lined the tables, 它们五颜六色的封面吸引着好奇的人去探索. Students from Pre-Nursery to 8th Grade entered the Book Fair and their eyes lit up with excitement at the sight of so many books waiting to be discovered.  

Throughout the week, students browsed the aisles, eager to find their next favorite read. 书展在祖父母馆以盛大的压轴收尾 & Friends Day—as the students enjoyed one last go-around to take home their literary treasures.

衷心感谢所有志愿者, 尤其是联合主席苏西·安德森和玛丽亚·勒斯蒂格, 是谁努力工作以确保一切顺利进行. 

The Book Fair at Green Vale was is more than just a chance to buy books—it is an opportunity to foster a love of reading and discover new stories. By the end of the week, students left the Book Fair with arms full of books and hearts full of excitement for the adventures that awaited them within the pages.

世代团结:澳门新葡京官网的祖父母 & Friends Day Celebration

Green Vale's Grandparents & Friends Day is a cherished occasion where the school community comes together to celebrate the bond between generations and the enduring friendships that enrich our students' lives.

On the morning of Friday, April 12, families, friends, and loved ones gathered on campus, 迎接我的是学生们热情的微笑, teachers, and staff. Throughout the day, classrooms buzzed with activity as students eagerly shared their latest projects and school experiences with their special guests. 

从丰富多彩的艺术展览到动手数学课程, each classroom offered a glimpse into the vibrant learning environment that defines Green Vale. The Book Fair added to the excitement, 为所有年龄的图书爱好者提供了一个发现新的文学瑰宝的机会.

As the event came to a close, gratitude filled the air as thanks were extended to all who had contributed to its success. 从敬业的老师到勤奋的员工, 很明显,团队合作让所有参与者都难忘了这一天.

Looking ahead, 有一种对未来的期待, 充满了更多的联系时刻, celebration, and shared joy. Grandparents & 朋友节不仅让我们走到了一起, it reaffirmed the bonds that bound us as a community and filled our hearts with gratitude for the love and support that surrounds us each and every day.